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In 1890, George Breed, a recent graduate of the US Naval Academy, invented an electrified guitar that produced a distinctive and innovative sound using electricity flowing through the strings. While the effects of this flowing electricity through the guitar’s strings on sound were significant, its effects on the human body were not fully understood at the time. 133 years later we are beginning to understand and appreciate this effect........

Electrified Reality Studios is pleased to introduce a new fantasy adventure game. Experience the thrill of being George Breed in 1890 as you discover this mysterious electrified guitar in Virtual Reality. This extraordinary instrument catapults you through time, unlocking the power of electric guitar music. Along the way you will discover the secrets of the past while learning guitar songs in the modern era in this immersive and engaging gameplay experience.

Electrified Reality

Our virtual reality game utilizes cutting-edge technology to transport players into a immersive world where they can experience the concept of vibrational energy and chakras firsthand. Through gameplay, players will learn about the flow of energy within their own bodies and how it interacts with the virtual environment. By incorporating principles of vibrational energy and chakras into the gameplay, we aim to create a unique and educational entertainment experience for players.

Air Guitar Freedom

Our game breaks away from the traditional hand-based scoring of music rhythm games and encourages players to use their whole selves to interact with the music and earn points, just like they would while playing an air guitar.

Guitar Animation

Our game is designed to be an instructional tool for learning how to play the guitar. To achieve this, we have included a feature that replicates the hand movements of chord finger placement for each song in the game. This allows players to visually learn the proper finger placement and techniques for playing the guitar, making it an effective and interactive learning experience.

The Underappreciated Guitarists

Just like the inventor George Breed, there are many talented guitarists in the world who go unrecognized in the mainstream music industry. This game aims to bring attention to these underappreciated musicians and showcase their skills, just as we follow George Breed on his journey to success.

Message of Peace

Seeking to make a positive impact on the world, George Breed abandons his military career and picks up a guitar, determined to create a new sound and bring change through the power of music. George Breed also confronts a series of enemies that represent internal struggles and challenges. Rather than relying on guns to defeat them, George Breed learns to harness focused energy and personal development to overcome these obstacles.

Game Characters

We have assembled a talented team of game artists, designers, composers, and guitarists to develop characters with distinctive abilities that guide players through each musical level and story arc.


Help transform the Victorian society into a musical utopia

Through game play, discover amazing inventions that metamorphoses the Victorian era into a vibrant steampunk musical utopia.

Teslafied Guitar

George Breed and Nikola Tesla collaborated to create a groundbreaking guitar that has the extraordinary ability to transport individuals into the future. At the core of this instrument's time-travel capabilities is a Tesla Coil ingeniously integrated into the headstock. The Tesla Coil facilitates the reception and transmission of immense amounts of energy, essential for generating a wormhole that enables time travel. Mounted on the body of the guitar is a remarkable component known as the Vibrillum Knob. This knob assumes the crucial role of determining the precise destination of the time journey. Instead of setting a specific time or place in the future, the Vibrillum Knob selects a vibrational frequency of energy. This knob offers a range of options, starting from "Heal" and progressing through "Inspire," "Unite," "Liberate," and culminating in "Fulmen," representing the highest setting. Each frequency setting aligns with a distinct guitar genre we are familiar with today, including blues, instrumental, folk, country, and heavy metal rock. Together, George Breed and Nikola Tesla's remarkable collaboration has yielded an extraordinary guitar that not only mesmerizes with its musical capabilities but also unlocks the gateway to unparalleled temporal adventures.

Teslafied Guitar Airship

Upon George Breed's return from the future, he shares his extraordinary musical discoveries, sparking a transformative revolution where music becomes the driving force behind society's evolution. This profound impact resonates deeply, giving rise to a wave of creativity and innovation. Among the remarkable inventions that emerge is the Teslafied Guitar Airship, a visionary creation that traverses the globe, enchanting nations with its instrumental guitar compositions from the future, serving as a catalyst for inspiration. The Teslafied Guitar Airship is not merely a means of transportation, but a floating sanctuary of harmonious melodies. As it embarks on its global journey, its captivating guitar music permeates the air, stirring the hearts and minds of those who encounter its harmonies. Nations, influenced by this ethereal symphony, find renewed inspiration to pursue creative endeavors, leading to groundbreaking innovations in various fields. This airborne marvel becomes a mobile stage for virtuosos, as talented guitarists from around the world come together to compose and perform awe-inspiring instrumental pieces from the future. The enchanting melodies emanating from the Teslafied Guitar Airship transcend language barriers, fostering unity and a shared appreciation for the power of music to shape society's destiny. As the airship gracefully glides through the skies, it leaves a trail of inspiration in its wake, igniting the imagination and encouraging individuals to pursue their dreams. Through its melodic journeys, the Teslafied Guitar Airship leaves an indelible mark on the world, reminding us of the transformative potential of music and its ability to uplift humanity.

Teslafied Guitar War Tank

When the US Government uncovers George Breed's extraordinary music from the future, a revelation of unprecedented power to unite people emerges. In light of this harmonious discovery, the government embarks on a transformative endeavor, giving rise to an extraordinary force known as the "Teslafied Guitar Brigade." The Teslafied Guitar Brigade is the brainchild of brilliant engineers and visionary musicians who aim to redefine the concept of warfare. Introducing the Teslafied Guitar War Tanks into the brigades arsonal, these remarkable vehicles transcend traditional weaponry. Gracefully mounted on their rear sections are awe-inspiring Tesla coils, while a giant gramophone adorns the front, endowing them with an otherworldly aura. Instead of unleashing destructive shells, these musical tanks unleash majestic melodies and harmonious vibrations. Ethereal music fills the air, enveloping the battlefield and all within its range. Astonishingly, rather than sowing chaos and destruction, this symphonic artillery soothes the hearts and minds of all soldiers it reaches. By skillfully adjusting sound frequencies and thoughtfully selecting songs, the commanding officers of the Teslafied Guitar Brigade can customize the musical experience to foster tranquility and restore peace amidst the chaos of war. Resonating notes of hope, compassion, and unity effortlessly penetrate even the deepest animosity, eroding hostility and cultivating understanding. As these musical tanks traverse the war-torn landscapes, the melodies of immense beauty intertwine with the echoes of gunfire and explosions, transforming the battleground into a grand stage for peace. Soldiers, once divided and poised to harm one another, find solace and common ground through the enchanting power of music. The Teslafied Guitar War Tanks emerge as beacons of harmony, radiating melodies that heal the scars of conflict and reshape the collective consciousness of all involved. These tanks not only protect the physical well-being of soldiers but also foster an atmosphere conducive to diplomacy and nonviolent resolutions.


In the initial stages of our soundtrack's development, we offer a glimpse into our creative process by reimagining popular songs from the 1890s, infusing them with the electrifying essence of the modern electric guitar. As our journey unfolds, we will embark on a transformative metamorphosis, blending contemporary blues, instrumental, folk, country, and rock/heavy metal into the fabric of the 1890s, igniting a fusion of inspiration that promises radical change. As an illustration, we present our original rock rendition of the iconic late 1800s hit, "After the Ball," showcasing our ability to reimagine and breathe new life into timeless melodies.

Here is a revised version with an electric guitar.